A cozy, sporty package something for your family, friends or company? In Hellevoetsluis is it possible! Adventuredome offers various activities to have more fun besides the escape room.

A complete day that you will not soon forget. Contact Adventuredome for more information.

Group dynamics

Group dynamics consist of many facets, which ensure that a group can work together efficiently. If one of these facets is missing, a group can become unbalanced. A group that has been unbalanced, for whatever reason, works inefficiently. This is disadvantageous for what is being worked on. In order for the translation to be successful in practice, a controlled environment is needed, which outlines a situation in which everyone is equal to each other and where peripheral issues do not play a role as hierarchies. This situation has been found in the form of an escape room. An escape room is a controlled stress situation with a large fun factor in which groups participate in a game. In addition, there are many other team building assignments to do with us.

Teambuilding and Coach

Escaperoom as a supplement to a team development plan. This involves a number of sessions with a team coach with the team involved. This way the coach learns the people involved better. The escape room then serves as a means of measuring or observing cooperation during time and stress management. Escaperoom as a supplement to a fun & learning program. To be used as the conclusion of a team development program. Contact us for more information.