Escape room 007

A mysterious, enclosed space which an exciting and unpredictable game can be played. Logical thinking and cooperation are the key to escape. Will you be able to escape from the secret room of Escape Room Adventuredome at Hellevoetsluis by solving puzzles and riddles within one hour ? Experience an unforgettable, exciting and often hilarious escape event that you will not forget! We have created two identical 007 rooms, especially for large groups. A great opportunity to really challenge your colleagues, friends or relatives! Each room holds up to 10 players, which results in a maximum of 20 players for the 007 room.

The story

A secret US army base is stationed at Europarcs. There are two large American nuclear missiles set up here towards Russia. You understand that this is a very big problem! Now it appears that the KGB found out about this and sent their secret agent Nikita to the Netherlands. Nikita has linked a Russian time bomb to the cruise missiles, the bombs will go off in exactly 60 minutes! We have tried everything to defuse the bombs, but we were unsuccessful. That is why you have been invited to us, because we have heard that you have all the skills to stop these bombs.

What do you have to pay attention to?

If you want to play the Escape Room 007 you must be at Adventuredome 15 minutes before the start time. When the supervisors are ready, they will welcome you and give the right instructions. Then you will be escorted to the secret location. The room is located in a launch base of the US Army. You have to walk for 5 minutes after arrival from Adventuredome.

Monday to Sunday: € 99.50 per room
Book now 2 rooms for € 162 instead of € 199

Age: 10+
Booking online and click on children's party so that we can make the game easier.

Program as desired

From company outings and school trips to parties and team building days. At Adventuredome you are in the right place. Adventure, challenge, entertainment, good food and drinks: you can find it all under one roof. Make your wishes known. Then you will receive a customized package for an additional charge. To reserve? Then call Adventuredome: 088 070 8157. Escape Room Designer If you are planning to travel with a larger group, such as a company outing or a family party, there are plenty of options. This allows you to combine the Escape Room 007 with other exciting and challenging activities from Adventuredome. Contact Adventuredome for the possibilities: 088 070 8157

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